• While being mindful of clients' expectations regarding legal services, I decided to include a brief list on how a client would benefit when I am retained as legal counsel. Some of theses points might seem obvious and mandatory, however this list is to ensure some peace of mind for future clients. These are my strong points which I believe my current and former clients would attest to, and based on this fact my practice will grow and flourish by word of mouth.

    Here are my Five Keys to Success in Law:

    i- Strong Advocacy

    My best natural skill has always been public speaking. My clients benefit from having a lawyer eager to help and has a strong intuitive sense to advocate and bring forward all essential arguments of the case. This facilitates my task at advocating and persuading the opposing party and/or the Court in obtaining a more favourable result.

    ii- Sound Legal Advice

    A good, competent lawyer always applies the law to the relevant facts of his case while exercising his due diligence by meticulously doing his legal research and analysis. After this is complete, as legal counsel I will always canvass all possible legal options to ultimately provide my client with sound legal advice.

    iii- Prompt, Clear Communication

    The burden and stress on a person dealing with legal issues can be overwhelming. I have always made it essential to communicate with my client in a timely and efficient manner, and to advise on all the procedural steps and upcoming meetings and court dates. Furthermore, it is crucial to manage client expectations by clearly communicating and advising the client and providing practical recommendations, when applicable.

    iv- Loyalty

    Everything shared in the lawyer's office or in contemplation of a legal matter is to remain confidential. I will zealously protect all solicitor-client communication as this is privileged information, and avoid all possible conflicts of interest. Once retained, my sole, utmost loyalty is to my client. By nature, I am an honourable and trustworthy person and it is my professional goal to inspire confidence and respect.

    v- Reasonable Fees

    Legal costs can be an added stress on a person. Therefore, what I often do is negotiate a fixed (or if it's a complex case, an estimated) monetary amount with my client and I tend to stick with that amount. That way, the client knows that he is being provided conscientious, cost-effective legal services.

    Yours truly,

    Peter Azzi -legal counsel